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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Toyble's Plant History


Herms has translated Toyble's planet Plant history: "The Plant-seijin/"Plantians" seen in Episode of Bardock were the first inhabitants of Planet Plant. Then the Tsufuru-jin migrated over, and the two races got along fine. Eventually the Saiya-jin show up too. The Tsufuru-jin are initially opposed to the Saiya-jin settling on Plant, but the Plantians allow it, because they remember the legend of the golden-haired warrior who saved their planet a thousand years ago, and who had referred to himself as a Saiya-jin. So the Tsufuru-jin respect the Plantians' wishes, since it is originally their planet after all, and a peace treaty is made between the three races. 200 years later, in Age 720, King Vegeta breaks this treaty and leads the Saiyan-jin against the other two races. The Plantians are aghast: "What about the legend of the golden-haired Saiya-jin who saved us? That's why we let you settle here in the first place!" "Hmph!" says King Vegeta "Everyone knows Saiya-jin only have black hair. You must be thinking of someone else." King Vegeta and co. wipe out the Plantians and go on to fight the Tsufuru-jin. And the rest is history."



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