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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dragon Ball Hoshi

"Akira Toriyama is rumored to be making a new Dragon Ball series alongside mangaka Naho Ooishi, the creator of the 2008 Dragon Ball Z special "Yo! Son Goku and Friends Return", called Dragon Ball Hoshi. Ooishi will be making a manga that continues the Z manga past the Buu Saga. It will have a newly designed Super Saiyan 4, and even a Super Saiyan 5. Akira Toriyama will be assisting her and backing off. The events in japan (earthquake, tsunami) slowed this down now Toriyama is taking care of that. It's rumored to be out later this year or early 2012."


What most people are calling "Dragon Ball Hoshi" is actually Dragon Ball Heroes, a Japanese arcade/card game, or Ultimate TenkaichiThe Japanese word "Hoshi" means "Star" or "Wish/Wanted".

Dragon Ball Hoshi is just a rumor and there is currently no proof of it's existence.

By Derek Padula

Dragon Ball Heroes Official Site

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dragon Ball Multiverse

What is Dragon Ball Multiverse? (DBM) is a free online comic, made by two fans, Gogeta Jr and Salagir. It's the sequel to DBZ.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Episode of Bardock Anime - Online Worldwide


Audiences worldwide can now enjoy the anime adaptation of "Episode of Bardock", as Toei Animation's "Anime Jan" website is currently offering a free stream until December 28, 2011 that is not region-locked (but without subtitles).

Monday, December 12, 2011

Toyble's Dragon Ball AF Volume 4 + Bonus Final Chapter


The wait is over! Herms has translated Toyble's unfinished version of Dragon Ball AF Volume 4. Because the volume is incomplete, Toyble has also included the "Final Chapter" special as an extra. This "Final Chapter" was originally included in Volume 2, back when he had similar deadline problems. Thanks to Herms for the translation and Calzone for editing!

[Toyble] DBAF Vol 4

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dragon Ball SSSS

Bandai, in conjunction with V-Jump and Saikyou Jump, has launched Dragon Ball SSSS (keywords are S (Saikyou), SS (Super Saiya-jin), and S (Secret)!). This project, in their own words, has been conceived "In order to take the first step towards new developments and further expansions of the 'Dragon Ball' titles". More concretely, projects include what we have announced a couple of days ago: to air the movie "Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiya-jin" online, and the anime adaptation of "Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock" by Ooishi Naho. When more projects are announced, you will read it here.