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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dragon Ball AF Evil Goku Saga


"Returned to the living world, Goku cannot control his power. Super Saiyan 5 makes him go evil and transform into an evil being. Now Vegeta has to become the star. Vegeta will unlock a new form (SSJ5? I'm.. not sure) and he beats Goku, becoming the strongest actually! And the hero! But of course, Goku is 'returned to his senses', or it's revealed that an evil demon was in his soul controling him (depending on which site)."



  1. "I'm kinda hoping all of Vegeta's "let's not rely on Goku" speeches are paving the way for an Evil Goku storyline where obviously they can't rely on Goku to save the day. Since Goku's now merged with Shenlong or whatever, perhaps he'll be corrupted by negative energy like the evil dragons in GT." -Herms

  2. It can ever be real this saga? Or just a wish of fans?