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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Young Jijii's Dragon Ball AF Vol 4 (Sneak Preview)

Young Jijii confirmed that Volume 4 should be ready for the next summer Comiket.

Click here for a preview of Volume 4!


  1. esa es m barra !!!!!!!!! la de ize , soy goku6384 , y soy el que ayuda en la pagina de facebook "noelgoku_sotomayor" de dragon ball af

  2. When you click the image it now directs to your blog

  3. we must continue the episode of Dragon Ball After Future is really good too
    its what you did contineur sil please you following this series and also the other series dragon ball af manga is drawn by The Young Jijii and translated by Xe vi

  4. ‎"Young Jijii says volume 4 will conclude the Ize storyline, and see the debut of two new villains, the demons Marble and Chiyoko. He plans to complete it in late March or early April, then sell it at the winter Comiket, though he’ll auction a few off before that." - Herms

  5. is young jijii planning to connect his story with toyble's dragon ball af?