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Thursday, July 28, 2011

April Fools?

There is a lot unsaid about the Dragon Ball series in production. At least 4 series were planned individually. But after Toriyama decided he wasn't up to GT it was produced by a different project leader. He stepped in to help end it. The reason so much info was spread about AF is because the fools finished it before getting it green lighted. The teasers were rejected and AF was never officially anything. The entire project was planned from the word go. When the final series and a 5th level of Saiyan were rejected certain aspects were added into the end of GT, as it was not yet fully aired. These include SSJ4 Gogeta and Vegeta and Bulma talking of SSJ5 in GT. Extra thing to note. It was meant also to explain Saiyan genetics, i.e. why Gohan had to work for SSJ but Goten was born one. The explanation was one of the leaked bits of info, but was easy to cover up as it contradict Pan in the series. Pan was the source of this contradiction, seeing as it explained she should be SSJ from birth like Goten, because the level of her father. This was rejected with info that SSJ cannot happen for females, but this was contradicted in DBZ saying that females do have Oozaru. And it was shown that SSJ comes from Oozaru, SSJ3 takes power from the inside Oozaru, and SSJ4 cannot happen without it. The exact reason for rejection are not known. But AF cannot be April Fools, it was first advertised in May. And rejected after that advertisement, which shows SSJ5 Goku on the front of an entertainment mag. Anyway the reason it was declared but will never happen is because they were foolish enough to declare before green lighting.

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